What we can offer?

At Deor, we are your trusted partner for all your marketplace and e-commerce needs.
Our expertise spans across three primary areas, catering to diverse business models and requirements:
Professional Marketplace B2B, Professional Marketplace B2C , E-commerce B2B.

Welcome to Deor, where we redefine the way businesses connect, trade, and thrive. In essence, a B2B (business-to-business) marketplace is like a well-oiled machine in the digital world. It smoothly connects businesses, opening doors to a multitude of opportunities. Picture a dynamic online platform tailored exclusively for businesses. This is where suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and service providers converge to streamline transactions and propel growth. At Deor, our B2B marketplace is the engine powering your journey towards efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and global reach.
Key Features:
Supplier and buyer profiles, Advanced product catalog, Negotiation and quoting tools, Secure payment gateways, Analytics for insights
Professional Marketplace B2B
Professional Marketplace B2C
Welcome to Deor, where we redefine the way businesses connect with individual consumers in the vast online marketplace. Our B2C Marketplace is your gateway to a thriving ecosystem, offering a dynamic platform for businesses of all kinds to showcase and connect with a diverse audience. Elevate your business presence, connect with a diverse audience, and immerse yourself in the collaborative spirit of our B2C Marketplace. Your journey into a thriving marketplace community starts here.
Key Features:
User-friendly product listings, Customer reviews and ratings, Shopping cart and checkout system, Multiple payment options, Marketing and promotion tools
An e-commerce platform is a digital software or online system that enables businesses to create and manage their online stores, facilitating the buying and selling of products or services over the internet. If your business primarily caters to other businesses and you want a streamlined, online presence, our E-commerce B2B websites are the answer. These websites are customized for businesses that sell their products or services directly to other businesses. They offer an efficient way to manage catalogs, process orders, and build long-term B2B relationships.
Key Features:
Product/service catalog, Custom pricing and quotes, Order management system, Integration with supply chain systems, Secure and private access for business clients
E-commerce B2B

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